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Beoplay H7 Review – Unleash freedom

10. July 2016

I was never a fan of Bluetooth-headphones but these changed my mind. The Beoplay H7 are a great catch, here’s why. Comfort The most important thing about such headphones are comfort and feeling and these feel might good. They are light, comfortable and not too tight. Wireless headphones like the ones from Sony are well […]

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Fiat 500 Riva Edition

8. July 2016

Okay, I love my Mini. I really do. But my love for italy is also huge. That’s why I was really impressed by this collaboration between Fiat and Riva. Riva is a company which produces very luxurious yachts. That sounds like something I want to have in my car! And thats what Fiat did: combining […]

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Beoplay H5 – Wireless Bluetooth Headphones

30. June 2016

I must admit, I am pretty in love with my Beoplay H7 headphones and nearly everything that Beoplay is releasing. Solid product design and amazing digital design from denmark and a huge inspiration for apple and obviously me. The headphones are magnetic (every B&O stuff needs it’s specialties) and can be attached to each other, […]

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How to REALLY get clients as a freelancer

14. May 2016
How to really get clients as a freelancer

Being a freelancer is amazing but how to really get clients as a freelancer?. You have all the time you need, you have creative freedom and hell, you can work in your PJ’s. With the last thing being the most important one, comes a list of things that are needed to keep that lifestyle alive. […]

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Shot: Martha on the rooftop

8. October 2015
Martha on the rooftop Shooting with itsjuko

Since I’m super busy at the moment, I will pre-publish a quick shot I did with Martha in Hamburg a few weeks ago. We went up to her rooftop and made great pictures since she is a blast to work with! I promise, I will publish the whole thing in the upcoming days.

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