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10 Books to get rich and follow your passion

10. July 2016

You want to get rich and follow your own ideas and passions? I have only 10 books to boost your motivation and get rich QUICK!

Think and grow rich

Think and grow rich

The one problem with having no money: most people are used to it! Think and grow rich helps you get rid of those old thinking-patterns and makes you comfortable being around wealth and money. You won’t get near riches, if you don’t feel good about it.



The richest man in babylon

This is one of the essentials and classics of the list. Napoleon Hill wrote this master-piece with care and with such passion, that this one will be a must-have in centuries from now. It’s fun to read and pretty short but holds such wisdom, that it has to be taken seriously. You won’t regret it.




Secrets of a millionaires mind

Humans learn through copying others first. It’s no exception with wealth: studying the secrets of the millionaires mind could be the best way to get wealthy in no time.



The Secret

It’s cheesy, yes it is! But after you’ve been through it, you can see, that “being rich” is about feeling and “thinking rich”. After you completed that chapter, you will see your daily thinking in a whole different light.


The Master Key System

This is like The Secret 2.0. It’s much longer and much more defined. It’s a great way to control your mind of thinking negative, something that will hold you from possible money-opportunities.



The miracle morning

Want to turn your daily routines upside down and get rich fast? The miracle morning is no false promise. After a few routines in the morning you feel refreshed and ready for the day. This one boosts motivation and gets you richer fast!


The 80/20 principle

80% of what we do daily, in life or work, is bullshit. Get rid of those 80% and do more of the 20% that get you further. This book is such an enlightenment, you HAVE to read it. It’s


The 4hour work week

Wanna transform your lifestyle? The 4hr work week is about: getting out of your rut, make automatically created money and live somewhere beautiful like Bali or somewhere else. This one will widen your horizon. Try it!

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