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Beoplay H7 Review – Unleash freedom

10. July 2016

I was never a fan of Bluetooth-headphones but these changed my mind. The Beoplay H7 are a great catch, here’s why.



The most important thing about such headphones are comfort and feeling and these feel might good. They are light, comfortable and not too tight. Wireless headphones like the ones from Sony are well known for a very tight fit. This is great for a short period of time but on long flights for example, this is not what you want. The H7 are pretty good when it comes to “feel good on your head”. The leather pads are amazingly soft (no really, it’s ridiculous how soft they are). They are no REAL over-ears. People with glasses will have a soft pressure on the glasses but for me it was always very comfortable. Good work B&O!


There are two features I really admire about the headphones: The cable (Huh?) and the remote. Starting with the cable: there is a cable in the box, which lets you use the headphones if the battery is running low. The battery lasts for days and days but if you have long flights (again) this is amazing. Not every headphones brings this with it. The other part: the remote. The right side of the headphones act as a touch-remote with gesture-control. Drawing a circle on these increases or decreases the volume, swiping in different directions changes the song. It looks quite funny on the streets but it is super useful, especially with lots of luggage.



The materials are superb. When you have them in your hands for the first time, you can’t imagine something so well thought out. Bang & Olufsen used two different types of leather (Lamb and normal leather) for different purposes. These lamb-pads are exchangeable of course. The aluminum elements are very nice and give this organic product a great industrial contrast. I chose the light variant because of the nice leather-finish. The grey version of the headphones look and feel fantastic too.



Update: There is an app! Not just any app, Bang & Olufsen created an app that lets you do amazing things with their products. You can add your H6 and change the sound-profile to your taste. These headphones are no BEATS, so if you need that extra-boost, you can use the tone-touch-feature to make those cans boom. The app lets you configure other products to stereo-speakers as well.



It’s all about sound. There are a few ways to get these things to play your favorite music. Using the iPhone these headphones play your music over Bluetooth with AAC compression. Using a Android-Phone or your MacBook these headphones support AptX / AptX Lossless, which makes them play up to 24 Bit and 96khz (short: 100 times better and more data). The last possibility is the cable of course. Starting with the iPhone (iPhone 6s) the Beoplay H6 sound incredible. Without any changes to the EQ the signature sound of Bang & Olufsen comes through: lots of mids, incredible detail, punchy but not too wide bass and smooth and defined highs. Using the MacBook, which uses AptX (CD Quality) these cans step up the game a lot: the bass gets deeper, everything is much more spacious and “juicy”. This is my favorite way of using the headphones, since the sound is much better. The sound of the cable-connection is still the best. Connected to my Bluesound Node2, these headphones have a great sense of detail and put a great stage on every vinyl or 24Bit-Studio-File you through at them. Good work again!


These are one of the best headphones I’ve every owned. The craftmansship is amazing and the sound superb. I will stay with Beoplay for now and see what is coming in the future. Great for longer flights (Naples for now but maybe Bali next year) and perfect for your home-entertainment.

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  • JamJamBoom

    You write H6 through the review instead of H7

    • You are completely right, I will fix it!

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