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5 minutes ago I stopped playing Pokemon Go – Forever

14. July 2016

I decided to choose life, not Pokemon Go. Here’s why.

I already had an accident

Yesterday, Pokemon Go launched in germany. I was excited and downloaded the app right away. I played around with it and since me being ill, I had to shut it down pretty fast because it made no sense playing in the bedroom. After I got to work this morning, I saw a woman on her bike, her eyes banned to the green-shimmering screen. I knew something was odd. She was playing Pokemon Go on her bike while cruising through one of the highest-populated streets of Hamburg. And within a few seconds she was close to my car, nearly crashing into my window and throwing away her phone. She was shocked and I was too. People are doing crazy things to get highscores. World of warcraft is nothing against that.

I am the fastest in town

Germany is crazy about it right now. Everyone is playing it and everywhere you see people running around with their phones, nearly half of their speed walking. Like zombies they’re strolling through the streets, banned to their screens. Facebook gives a chance too look up, since it’s not always delivering new stuff and gets boring (at least for me) but games are infinite, they give you endless possibilities, so I chose to look up from time to time.

I know what to do next

People are afraid of getting bored. It’s fun! You think about the stuff that is ahead and redefine your plans. It’s amazing! You think about what is working at the moment and the stuff that could be better and how you can fix them. If you fill all of your boredom-gaps in your day, you won’t have time to think. In the end of the day you won’t have the feeling you had time at all! Try to make yourself some space and think a little. Relax, don’t hide away from life. It’s amazing!

I saw people smiling at me

Yup, that happened. People are on eye-level and they are friendly! Endless possibilities of friendships, beautiful women and other amazing things happen on eyelevel. Why miss that? I chose that, not Pokemon Go. I feel good about it.

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Hej, my name is Juko and I'm designer and photographer from Germany. I love vinyls, photography and travel. I shoot people, travel and food.

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