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How to REALLY get clients as a freelancer

14. May 2016
How to really get clients as a freelancer

Being a freelancer is amazing but how to really get clients as a freelancer?. You have all the time you need, you have creative freedom and hell, you can work in your PJ’s. With the last thing being the most important one, comes a list of things that are needed to keep that lifestyle alive. One of the most important ones: clients! But how do you get them? How to really get clients for your freelance-business?

Make your portfolio

This one is the first of two very important steps: make your portfolio and do your SEO. Without a portfolio clients don’t find you online and even people that see you offline can’t see some references if they try to google you. A good portfolio should always be up to date and represent your current skills. Just do it, it’s much more important than every little client you’re working on right now. Try to tell stuff about the following three things: who are you, what makes you special and what are your references and core-skills. Try to be specific and don’t waste peoples time. They should go to your contact-page and not reading for three hours. This is one of the most important things how to get clients as a freelancer!

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Do your SEO

I take photos of brides y’all!

This is the second part of the portfolio-thing.With a CMS like WordPress you can easily create pages for your skills and references. Try to make your website as “complete” as it could be, so potential clients AND Google have enough to read. I know onepagesites are sexy and stuff but they don’t have enough importance to search engines. For WordPress, try to use plugins like YOAST and use them to optimize every site on which you describe specific core skills. For photography that could be a page for wedding-photography and a few paragraphs what you do and where you do it. A few sentences about your recent work-experiences and very important: contact-information! Don’t forget to link to those sites from your homepage (Main navigation, sub navigation, footer, whereever) and you’re good to go. Always remember: Try to text those pages from the eyes of a client. “I make photos from brides y’all!” should be “Wedding Photographer from Utah”. I promise good results.

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Treat clients well

I always say: your first project with a client doesn’t count. You always “get paid” on the second one. The first project with a client is not the most important one. It’s important that you treat the first one like hell to get the client to the second project. Reason: you don’t survive as a freelancer if you make just a standard job for 100 clients. Try to make an amazing job for 50 clients and they will work with you your whole life. I have clients now I work with for 8yrs now and it became an amazing partnership. Try to be picky with clients and don’t be picky with time in the first project. Do something more to amaze them!

Eat some shit first

This is where we come to the most important part: in the first 10 projects of your career, try to be prepared to eat shit. They will give you amazingly little money and won’t be gentle with you. But those clients build up the momentum, train your skills and will give you some reputition. I did whole websites for weeks and months and got 200$ for it but the project went out so good, that other potential clients wanted to work with me because of the result. Always try to get a birds-eye view and try to see things as a whole. If you have enough nice projects you can show off. Please stop the eating. It tastes shitty.

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Don’t act like a freelancer is important in how to get clients as a freelancer

Ok that sounds ridiculous. Why shouldn’t I act as a freelancer? It’s easy: do the things about freelancing that are fun but in terms of money and stuff, try to act business. What does that mean? Simple: Do what a business does!

  • Calculate with profits like a boss
  • Take vacations like an employee
  • Take your day off like a boss
  • Count your time like an employee
  • Do it like Hemingway and do your 4hrs of work and go home like a boss

How does that to attract clients? It doesn’t. You are more rested, have more money and more time. Clients like a chill vibe in a freelancer!

Any suggestions? Love to hear your comments.


Hej, my name is Juko and I'm designer and photographer from Germany. I love vinyls, photography and travel. I shoot people, travel and food.

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