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Bali is back: Why you should travel to Bali in 2017/2018

23. July 2017
3 Best Cafes on Bali you Shouldn't miss: Adeng Adeng Gili Meno

There is not just one reason to fly to Bali: Sun. The island has plenty to offer. Indonesia in general is up and coming. Check these thoughts.


I think this one is no news: The culture on Bali is rich and vibrant. Theres always a nice smell in the air, wether it’s good food or some candles for rituals. The religion on this island is so welcoming and beautiful that people even invite you to be part of a ceremony when you’re just in the area of a temple. Exactly this kind of treatment is why I love Bali. Welcoming people wherever you go. The way food gets treated, people get treated and the time gets spent is just amazing and a huge inspiration, whenever I come back to germany.


Bali is great for beaches! You have to scout to find the one best for you because the variety is huge. The (even a little crowded) beach in Kuta tought me surfing but has such big waves in september that you might go to other places if you like a chilled swim. But it’s still one of the best I’ve seen on the island and besides one of the coolest panoramas I’ve seen when locals come at night to spend the time there playing soccer. Real gems are also on the other islands as well. The famous “Dream Beach” on Lembongan is not only for funny japanese couples, spending 2 minutes making cheesy selfies with umbrellas and leave after, no! I spent weeks there reading, chilling and enjoying the sun.

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Coworking Hubs

One thing I like as a freelancer is the great possibility of working on Bali. You have lots of coworking-spaces which offer good Wifi, food and drinks. You can work from there and get some new influences working from there. From Ubud to Canggu: you have lots of spots to work at. (This post offers a full list of hubs on Bali)

Airbnb & More

You can use Airbnb on Bali, that’s no secret either. The really interesting thing is that there is A LOT going on Airbnb. You can find experiences, Villas, small Bungalows and many things more. The variety is just crazy! But also other peers are great to find a roof for your trip. My favorite so far is to look for your location on Facebook and look out for groups which offer rentals for that area. A simple search for  “Ubud villa rental” on Facebook gets you really far and in touch with people who rent their places for months and even years.

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Bali & Beyond

The great thing about Bali: It’s not just a beautiful island, it’s also a beautiful place which gathers the most stunning islands around it. Lembongan, Nusa Penida, Gili Air/Meno/Trawangan and also Lombok. For as little as 20$ you get from island to island and meet completely different people and cultures. My favorite so far were Lembongan and Gili Meno because of the small size and great beaches. Especially Gili Meno kept me stunned with the carribean-like beaches and great riffs with its turtles and sceneries. Try


Hej, my name is Juko and I'm designer and photographer from Germany. I love vinyls, photography and travel. I shoot people, travel and food.

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